How to make homestuck troll shirts the super-easy cheap way and still make them look good! (A crappy tutorial by me)

Hey there!

So I’ve seen a lot of people with homestuck shirts, and a lot of tutorials online on how to make them ^_^ A lot of them are really good, but require purchasing a lot of expensive material and such >.< 
When I needed a nepeta shirt for a cosplay, I only had like twenty bucks on me, and I needed to make one pretty fast.  In doing so, I discovered a fairly simple way of making homestuck shirts if you’re on a budget!
Before I start, here is a disclaimer type thing:
Homestuck (c) Andrew Hussie

Please don’t make these shirts for any type of profit ^_^ That’s illegal and such. I only made this tutorial if you need a quick and easy way to make YOURSELF a shirt. Please don’t sell them or advertise them.

These shirts take about two hours at most to make, and another ten or so hours until they are completely wearable. If you need them for a certain date, make them the day before! ^_^

A. What you will need:

 1. A plain black t-shirt. (I got mine at the local art store for about 5 dollars)

2. A white fabric marker and a fabric marker in the color of the troll’s symbol. Actually, try to get the colored marker a shade or two lighter because they go on really dark. The makers I used were Decofabric (r) in #0 (white) and Marvy (r) Fabric Marker in #8 (purple) (the troll I was was making the shirt of was Eridan)

3. A hair dryer (lol) Any kind will do. 

4. Aluminum foil and exacto-knife if you want to make a template.

B. How to draw the layout. 

1. You may want to take a peice of aluminum foil and cut out the design with an exacto knife so you have a sort of template. I did it by eye and it worked fine since the designs are simple, but if you are doing a more complicated one like Kanaya or Gamzee’s signs, I would recommend it.

2. Print a refrence image of the troll or a cosplayer of the troll. You need to see exactly where on the shirt the troll has their symbol, and how large it has to be.

3. Once you have the top two (optional) Steps done, fill in the template with the white marker. It will be absorbed by the t-shirt fairly quickly and leave a greyish outline. (I would put something inside the shirt so it doesn’t bleed through to the back) 

C. Making the design.

4.  Grab your hair dryer and dry the paint on the shirt. Once it is completely dry to the touch, go over it again with the white. Do this as many times as neccessary, drying in between, until you have your entire symbol drawn in white. Black fabric should NOT be showing through at this point. If it’s a light grey, that’s fine. Dry in between each application and be PATIENT! (It took me 8 layers, it may take you much less or much more!)

5. When it is dry, go over the white with your color marker. It will go on a bit darker than what it looks like on the cap. Repeat this at least four times. The marker I used was hardly wet, so you probably won’t need to dry for this one as often. Dry in between every two layers. 

6. Repeat step five until the color covers all of the white and is as vibrant as you want it. Remember that homestuck trolls don’t have NEON blood, so don’t make it too outrageous. Three or four applications should be sufficient.

7. Dry the shirt one more time. If you made a template, put it over the design so you can make sure everything is filled in. 

8. You should be done! Hang the shirt up to dry or leave it flat, it’s up to you!

9. Give it at least 10 hours to dry before you wear it, and another 48 until you wash it. When you wash the shirt, turn in inside out and put it in with a gentle cycle the fist two or three times it’s laundered. After that, you can wash it like any normal shirt!

10. Enjoy your new Homestuck troll shirt!

Hope this was a helpful tutorial! In all, this should cost you no more than 10-15 dollars. Please message me and tell me if it worked for you or not, and feel free to ask additional questions! I take tutorial requests. If you create a shirt, be sure to send me a picture of you wearing it >.< Can’t wait to see them!

- Shadow The Technitian :33 ~~